Jane Wisner (1944-2006)

Many thanks to Talisman Fine Art for the following biography of Malcolm’s partner, Jane Wisner.

Some of her work can be viewed in the gallery on this website, or on Talisman’s site.

“Jane Wisner was able to convey in her landscape pictures a devotion and sensitivity to nature that follows a ripe and distinctive tradition in British Art. She was not only a landscape artist, but the greater number of her works were of this kind. To varying degrees, these pictures,  also show that the artist’s ‘inner’ landscape was dialectally in relation to the scenes that she observed without. Her travels took her to many places in the world and her experiences of connection with the land were vivid and remained as a rich resource for her.

Jane worked in most media, but mainly on paper with pen and ink, watercolour, and etching. Though on some occasions a picture might have been completed in the studio she was happiest working from nature, and an unusual thing, even drawing straight onto the plate in situ for her etchings. The pen and ink drawings show a unique sensitivity and capacity to express through line – “Every single mark that goes on to the paper must be vital and contribute to the whole. Each mark must have its own power”. And in overall respect to her work – “That it is possible to distil an energy and contain it within line and colour on paper, and that those contemplating the result are recipients of the same energy, excites me profoundly”.

Jane was brought up in the middle of Kent and attended Ravensbourne College of Art and Design. She travelled widely including eighteen months in the USA, a three month period in Casa Manilva, Andalucia, Spain as an artist in residence (1995), and three months painting in Hawaii (1997). She exhibited widely  and on many occasions. As an illustrator she contributed to many publications and her work as a fine artist is in private collections throughout Europe, USA, Africa and Australia.”




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