Note from Malcolm: these biography pages are very much in a state of flux as I turn back the years and try to remember what happened… and in what order! Please do get in touch if you notice any errors… I’m sure you’ll be right, and I’ll be wrong. It all seemed to happen in a flash… and yet only seems like yesterday. What I’m certain of, is that is was all (mostly!) great fun… some great music played by some great people. I wouldn’t change it for all the world. And now… I’m writing again and looking forward to bringing you new material as soon as it develops into something tangible.

Dave Charles and Malcolm will be meeting up soon… and their brains will be picked and memories tested to complete this ‘early years’ page. It is LONG overdue!!!!



Sadly, the old form that was on this website was proving to be rather problematic. We became aware that quite a few messages were being sent that weren't being received ~ so we've resorted to using a simple email address for the time being. Many apologies if you sent me a message and I didn't reply. I urge you to try again! Send your email to: hello(at)


On the Road / On Air is a new box set that document’s Man’s BBC sessions between 1972 and 1983. There’s some great music here, including a BBC Radio 1 session that features Malc from 1974! Visit the Cherry Red website for more info.


Putting together this website has certainly been a 'learning curve' ~ but I think we're getting there. For a more interactive experience visit the Malcolm Morley Facebook page and the fledgling Twitter account (@bewaretheshadow). If all goes well, who knows, we may even consider a YouTube channel.