Son of Man… and Deke!

Put 10th December in your diary… Son of Man are back in London, with Deke in tow! Make sure you get your tickets in advance, as these gigs often sell out. Should be a great gig, with George Jones & co playing songs from their much anticipated debute album.




























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Here’s a rarity!

Who says that graphic design was better in the days before computers?

This is a poster for a Help Yourself gig (a rare event in itself)… with an ‘unusual’ theme! As super-collector (and owner of said poster), John Bannon, says… “that’s students for you”.

DSC_0009a LR




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Micky’s 5th Annual Jam

The fifth annual gig in celebration of Micky Jones has just been announced… set for Saturday 12th December at The Garage in Uplands, Swansea. On the bill are The Green Ray, who will be performing in honour of Richard Treece. It sounds like another must-attend gig for all Helps and Man fans! Tickets are available from Derricks Music.





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Record Collector

The October issue of Record Collector has an eagerly-awaiting feature on Help Yourself. In the words of the magazine’s email newsletter, “Staying with the British underground, you’d better ‘Help Yourself’ because nobody else is gonna do it for you. Theirs is a wry and touching tale: heaps o’ talent, plenty o’ o’po’tunity, zer o’ success.” ~ Well we might take issue with the latter! Maybe not success in commercial terms, but certainly critically-acclaimed… and seemingly getting more attention now than when they band actually existed… a point Malcolm has mentioned more than once or twice! The article is extremely timely after Richard’s sad passing earlier this year, and also on the back of more sad news… we hear that Jonathan Glemser died on 12th August. Please get in touch if you have any further information on Jonathon…



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For Richard

Malcom will be playing at the upcoming gig at Walthamstow Cricket Club on 13th September to celebrate Richard Treece, who sadly passed away in May this year. Also appearing will be The Green Ray and Richard Booth, alongside special guests, Son of Man, who will be playing a short set before heading back down the M4 to Wales. This is the day after Son of Man’s appearance at The Trades Hall in Dagenham.

Make no mistake, the Dagenham gig is definitely where to catch Son of Man to hear their full set – and all concerned are extremely grateful to George and the band for popping along to Walthamstow the following day to lend their support for Richard’s event.

Anyone who is interested in attending the Richard Treece gig, please send us a message and we’ll make every effort to put you on the guest list (first come first served and we’ll let you know… promise!). Richard’s family and friends, plus of course former band members of Help Yourself, The Neutrons and Man etc take priority, but Richard would have wanted fans to also be present.

Despite the sad occasion, it should prove to be a memorable weekend in London for fans of Man and Help Yourself!


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Bevis Frond 25th Anniversary gig

Sunday 2nd August sees Malcom playing at the Bevis Frond’s 25th Anniversary Gig at The Lexington in London. Tickets are £12 (plus booking fee) available from Doors are at 7:30om and Malcolm is the first act on. Be great to see you there!




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Son of Man… in Dagenham!

A rare London gig for Son of Man coming up soon! Ticket details at the bottom of the poster.


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First gig of 2015!

Malcolm is back at The Betsey Trotwood in Clerkenwell on Saturday May 2nd. Support is by the talented Kakie Taylor-Black.


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Thanks to the latest WordPress updates (the software that powers this website), YouTube videos are now easy to upload and embed. Which sounds like the perfect excuse to dig up something from the dim and distant past and test it to see if it works! So here’s Bees Make Honey, filmed sometime in 1973 at the Nag’s Head, playing Caledonia ~ with Malcolm in fine form on piano.



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Man Exhibition at Swansea Museum

The Evolution of Man 1965-2014, Acid Rock from Wales | 23rd January – 22nd March 2015

In January, Swansea Museum will be hosting a unique exhibition of memorabilia covering Man and their offshoots. This is the first of its kind!

The exhibition showcases the collection of John Bannon, who has spent over 30 years amassing everything from stickers and badges through photos and t-shirts to posters, set lists and flyers. These trace Man’s story from the Langland Hotel in Swansea, where they recorded their first album ‘Revelation’ in 1969, to some of the world’s greatest rock stages.

The idea for the exhibition came from suggestions that the memorabilia used in Man fan Joan Duarte’s You Tube videos ~ a tribute to Micky Jones ~ should be put on display. Those suggestions are now a reality.

The exhibition previews on the 23rd January and will be open to the public on the 24th January to 21st March 2015. The timing of the exhibition is noteworthy in that it celebrates 50 years since the formation of the Bystanders. It also opens three weeks after Deke’s 70th birthday!

Entry to the preview is by invitation only but Man mailing list subscribers are being offered the opportunity to attend. To further tempt you, Son of Man (who will be joined by both Deke and Tweke) will be playing that evening at The Scene, a nearby club, immediately following the preview. Deke will also be signing books ~ including his latest, “Maximum Darkness, Man on the Road to Nowhere’.

For further information on attending the preview, please email:

Support at the Son of Man gig is from the excellent Troy Redfern. Ticket are £7.50 in advance / £10.00 on the door and available from The Scene or Derricks Swansea.























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When was the last time Malcolm released anything on vinyl?

Well the good news is that Malcolm’s brand new release is exclusively on 10″ vinyl, entitled Raw. It contains four new songs ~ East Virginia (Dark Hollow), Summerlands, Poor Man and Where the River Bends.

For anyone that buys the vinyl, there’ll also be a download facility ~ so don’t worry if you can’t find your record player in the attic!

We have a limited number of autographed copies available ~ if you’d like one, please send a PayPal payment to:

Cost is £8.00 plus postage ~ UK £3.75 / Europe  £6.00 / USA and rest of the world £8.50.

Please don’t forget to include your address with the payment, plus any message you’d like Malcolm to write on the sleeve!

Raw is also available directly from the Shagrat Records website.






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Rhinos, winos and…

Here’s an archive music paper ad for Rhinos, Winos & Lunatics, from May 1974. Thanks to Ken Ansted, who posted this on the Man Facebook page.



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Jane Wisner (1944-2006)

Many thanks to Talisman Fine Art for the following biography of Malcolm’s partner, Jane Wisner.

Some of her work can be viewed in the gallery on this website, or on Talisman’s site.

“Jane Wisner was able to convey in her landscape pictures a devotion and sensitivity to nature that follows a ripe and distinctive tradition in British Art. She was not only a landscape artist, but the greater number of her works were of this kind. To varying degrees, these pictures,  also show that the artist’s ‘inner’ landscape was dialectally in relation to the scenes that she observed without. Her travels took her to many places in the world and her experiences of connection with the land were vivid and remained as a rich resource for her.

Jane worked in most media, but mainly on paper with pen and ink, watercolour, and etching. Though on some occasions a picture might have been completed in the studio she was happiest working from nature, and an unusual thing, even drawing straight onto the plate in situ for her etchings. The pen and ink drawings show a unique sensitivity and capacity to express through line – “Every single mark that goes on to the paper must be vital and contribute to the whole. Each mark must have its own power”. And in overall respect to her work – “That it is possible to distil an energy and contain it within line and colour on paper, and that those contemplating the result are recipients of the same energy, excites me profoundly”.

Jane was brought up in the middle of Kent and attended Ravensbourne College of Art and Design. She travelled widely including eighteen months in the USA, a three month period in Casa Manilva, Andalucia, Spain as an artist in residence (1995), and three months painting in Hawaii (1997). She exhibited widely  and on many occasions. As an illustrator she contributed to many publications and her work as a fine artist is in private collections throughout Europe, USA, Africa and Australia.”




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The Oliver Conquest

A date for your diary! ~ Saturday October 26th 2013, when I’ll be playing a gig at the wonderfully-named Oliver Conquest at 70 Leman Street, London E18 EQ.

For tickets, please email ~ or call 0755 4454327

Tickets are priced £6 and the gig starts at 8:30pm ~ hope to see you there!


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Camden Festival ’71

Here’s one I haven’t come across before ~ thanks to the Quintessence Chronology for bringing it to our attention. Help Yourself supporting Deep Purple on Friday 30th April 1971 at The Roundhouse. Does anyone remember this gig taking place?

The website also lists a gig on 1st October that same year, Help Yourself supporting Quintessence at Brunel University in Uxbridge.

All of which reminds us that we really should attempt to catalogue every gig that Help Yourself ever played. That surely can’t be too difficult… can it?




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Betsy Trotter review by Richard Gould

Many thanks to Richard Gould for this kind review. Did anyone take any photos at the gig?

Set List :- Green Back Dollar / Not Fade Away / Perfect / Poor Man /    Summer Lands / Work Song / Rags Old Iron / California Silks & Satins / Its Only Love (The Mystery & The Flame) / Devil In Me / Where The River Bends / The Shade

Well, forget about “Malcolm In The Middle” – we were regally treated to “Malcolm In Our Midst” on Saturday night. Not that those in attendance needed any proof, but we duly received 12 “Reasons To Be Cheerful” in the very same week that Charterhouse Square, Farringdon gave up its secret of plague burial.  It must have been a pleasing sight for Our Malc as he surveyed the gathered souls in the intimacy of the Cellar.  A pleasing and very apt degree of reverence was shown by those souls – All drawn by the one desire – to hear one of this country’s great under-appreciated (venerated ?) singer-songwriters.

There’s little to be gained from revisiting all the “ifs”, “but fors” and “maybes” from down the years – let’s just be thankful that he is still among us with his rich, warm voice and his dazzling digits. Yes, you could have heard the proverbial pin drop – And that’s no more than he merits.  Forget all the unintended lack of respect OR the need to tell the rest of the world “now” that the younger generation miss the point of enjoying the “moment” for what it is (here endeth the epistle of a Grumpy Old Git!) 

Anyway, as I was saying, we were treated to yet another thoroughly entertaining set from Malcolm – altho’ it must be said on somewhat of a “reverse running order” Bill O’ Fare.  Maybe he was savvy to know that he would be the “pull” anyhow.  His self deprecating humour was present in abundance alongside his singing and playing.  Maybe because he only played for about an hour but, I found myself wishing it was going to be a repeat of his Sunday Afternoon Triumph @ The Constitution back in last October.  A small gripe all things considered, plus he also delighted us with an instrumental “California Silks & Satins” – perhaps given the age of the audience he could rename it “California Pills & Statins” ?

The set’s combination of covers and originals was a good mix.  The covers benefit from hardly being yer bog standard ones too !  Opening with a traditional American song known by many a title, “Green Back Dollar”, sets both the tone and the bar for what ensued, a standard that was maintained throughout.  The two standout items for me were two of his own compositions and I know that I am far from being alone in hailing both “Summer Lands” and “Where The River Bends” as some of the strongest material he has written.  There are some others too but, they were not aired on the evening. We were also treated to a work-in-progress in the shape of “The Devil In Me” that also bodes well should he ever feel inclined to deliver a full album of new material.

His encore with “The Shade” from the misunderstood in some quarters “Aliens” was an interesting reworking.  Mild Mannered Man that he is, Malcolm had to be prompted that he had a new 2 track CD to plug.  Even then he politely avoided divulging its contents – namely a “band” arrangement for “Perfect” (Perfick indeed ! – Away with you and your Pa Larkin vocabulaire – Essex or Kent ?  It must be an Estuary Thing !) plus an interesting reworking of “Candy Cane”.  A nice touch on the sleeve – credits to the “Fabulous Middleton Brothers” (does that make Kim, Michelle Pfeiffer ?),  Tony Smith and Nick Ring (nice to see “Alfie” in on the act too!), and Tim Mayne.  There’s a network of sincere people about him that should inspire him to keep going.

In conclusion you/I (as with most of the assembled throng) are/am left with the never ending conundrum.  He shouldn’t be just playing to a loyal few – He should be able to fill larger, sympathetic venues and revel in the appreciation his work deserves.  We’ve been here before – but, please let’s have “some more Sir” – Oliver Twist be buggered.  And if that doesn’t get the message through let’s quote St. Delia – “Let’s Be ‘Aving You !”

 So as not to overlook “Roadhouse”, who followed Malcolm, they played a cracking set of covers with some neat arrangements on standards.  A great vocalist / harp player, a very tasteful guitarist, a great female bassist and vocals, all topped off with a “more than able drummer”, plus some great harmony vocals.  A convincing take on Robert Johnson’s Come Into My Kitchen” was followed by a couple of Bill Withers songs. The sombre “Use Me” and “Ain’t No Sunshine”.  They wrapped up the proceedings with the Anthony Newley / Nina Simone “Feeling Good”.


© Richard “R.R.” Gould 17th March 2013


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The first gig of 2013…

On Saturday 16th March I’ll be playing my first gig of 2013… at the Betsey Trotwood, in Clerkenwell, London. Also on the bill are my very good friends Roadhouse, who are well worth seeing. I should be on at around 8:45pm.

Oh… and I hope to have an EP of newly-recorded material available at the gig!

I hope to see you there.


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Archive ads

Has anyone got copies of these ads? The grabs shown here are from recent eBay auctions… but it’d be great to show them at a higher resolution. Please let us know if you have any old Helps ads, posters or other ephemera!

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Live gig in London in October!

Great news! Malcolm is playing a gig in London on 7th October ~ a Sunday evening. Hope to see you there… and if you can’t be there, we’ll report back with pics and a review of the gig itself.

Tickets are priced at £6 and available from Andy Middleton on 0786 665 4056 or by emailing him at:



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Senza Tempo

I’ve been reminded that those fine people at Senza Tempo have a small gallery of Help Yourself related items. Click here to have a look.


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Sadly, the old form that was on this website was proving to be rather problematic. We became aware that quite a few messages were being sent that weren't being received ~ so we've resorted to using a simple email address for the time being. Many apologies if you sent me a message and I didn't reply. I urge you to try again! Send your email to: hello(at)


Visit The Half Moon, Putney’s website to get tickets for the gig on Sunday October 3rd. It is going to be a really special night. Tickets £15 in advance ~ limited availability so don’t miss out! Rumour has it, we’ll even have a handful of Infinity Lake CDs for sale ~ the very last of the first pressing!


Putting together this website has certainly been a 'learning curve' ~ but I think we're getting there. For a more interactive experience visit the Malcolm Morley Facebook page and the fledgling Twitter account (@bewaretheshadow). If all goes well, who knows, we may even consider a YouTube channel.