Saturday Sept 30th – see you at the Betsy Trotwood in London?


A date for your diary… on Saturday Sept 30th, Malcolm has a gig at the Betsy Trotwood. Malcolm will be joined by the wonderful Jari, on accordion, for several songs. If you’ve been to one of Malc’s more recent gigs, you’ll already have seen and heard Jari and know what a treat this is!

Entry is £7 on the door. Hope to see you there!


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Guitar for sale!


Malcolm’s love affair with the guitar continues unabated. Those who have been to his gigs in the last few years, will know that Malcolm has been playing some rather tasty Spanish nylon strung guitars in an impressive improvisational gypsy/folk style. However, more recently he has also been playing steel string acoustics. And not just any old guitars either, beautiful hand-built Lowden acoustics from Northern Ireland.

One of these, the more expensive (and lavishly built) of the two that Malc owns – a 2016 S35M – is currently for sale at No.Tom Vintage & Classic Guitars in Denmark Street, London. Yep, that’s the famous ‘Tin Pan Alley’.

No.Tom Guitars are at number 6 Denmark Street – the so-called ‘home’ of the Sex Pistols. The walls in the building upstairs are covered with Jonny Rotten-penned caricatures of Sex Pistols bassist Sid Vicious, his girlfriend Nancy Spungen and their manager Malcolm McLaren. Incredibly, this graffiti has been awarded Grade II Listed status!

So there’s a very tenuous Sex Pistols / Malcolm Morley link right there. Actually, there are probably some less tenuous links… but we’ll leave that for another time.



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The Malcolm Morley Sessions


Thanks for all your positive comments on the Malcolm Morley Facebook page with regard the new recording project. ‘Project’ is very much the word for it. At the moment, it is a series of songs that are ‘sessions’ rather than a single cohesive ‘album’.

The luxury of having a small recording set up at home means that tracks can be recorded when the muse strikes. Some are partly improvised, whilst others are more considered in terms of their construction. Currently, a few tracks are in a state of ‘gestation’… being left to settle for a few days before being reevaluated and considered for release. One is ready for release now ~ which, oddly, is one of the more ‘spur of the moment’ things.

The favoured approach at the moment is to release these songs as ‘sessions’… one, two or three tracks at a time, depending on how they fit together.

Initially, they will be made available as downloads, simply because that’s the most cost effective way to do it. However, should two or more songs fit together, then they’ll be pressed in very limited one-shot editions on CD. Once they’re gone, no more will be pressed.

More details will be posted here, and on the Facebook page, in the coming weeks.


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The return of… that sound!


This pedal is one of Malc’s ‘secret weapons’ in the creation of his upcoming project… and sounding pretty damn good. This is a return to a full band sound, not a million miles away from the original Help Yourself vibe, rather than the more recent acoustic-based material. Lots of tasty electric guitar currently in evidence!

Malc is playing all instruments… but the project is very much an organic one, so it could go anywhere from here. Some snippets of the demos already recorded will be uploaded here in due course!

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Down Home Productions


Here’s a sticker from the archive – which was posted by John Eichler on Brinsley Schwartz’s Facebook page (although its origins may be elsewhere). As ever, if anyone has any further information – or indeed other ephemera, let us know!

For those that don’t know, Down Home Productions were set up by John Eichler and Dave Robinson as a ‘loose family of artists and creative people’… which included Help Yourself. More info here.




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Deke’s Memorial Concert

The evening of Saturday 10th June is the date of Deke’s Memorial Concert. Buying a ticket in advance is strongly recommended… if they haven’t sold out already!

Tickets from Derricks Music in Swansea (01792 654226) or online at Also available from The Princess Royal Theatre booking office (01639 763214).







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Deke RIP


With Deke’s passing still very raw for all of us, it was lovely to read this obituary in The Guardian ~ penned by none other than Michael Heatley.




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Betsey Trotter gig on 11th Feb cancelled.

It is with regret that Malcolm has decided to cancel his gig on 11 February at the Betsey Trotwood in Clerkenwell, London. The gig will however be rescheduled soon.

Not only has Malc succumbed to the nasty flu bug that is doing the rounds, but also he feels that in light of Deke’s passing, postponing the gig will “give people a chance to process their feelings of loss”. It just didn’t seem right to be playing a gig when the news of Deke’s death is so fresh with us all.

Detail of the rescheduled gig will be posted on here soon.




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United Artists

Nice article on United Artists in issue #60 of Shindig! In a side column, Andrew Lauder picks his favourite UA albums… which includes ‘Beware the Shadow’. Man’s ‘Live at the Padget Rooms’ also gets a look in.

Help Yourself / Strange Affair (1972)
“Their second album was a superb blend of fragile acoustic balladry and epic acid-rock guitar workouts… they are better known now than they were then and it’s nice that people remember them.”




















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The Betsey Trotwood, Saturday 29th October

Malcolm has a gig on Saturday 29th October at The Betsey Trotwood – in the upstairs room.
Just £5 on the door, Malc with be supported by Martin from the Green Ray. Accompanying Malcolm, on accordion, will be Jari from Jariland. And of course, Malc will be regaling all with tales from his days with Man and Help Yourself. Should be a great evening, hope to see you there! Proceedings start at 8.30pm.



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Son of Man… and Deke!

Put 10th December in your diary… Son of Man are back in London, with Deke in tow! Make sure you get your tickets in advance, as these gigs often sell out. Should be a great gig, with George Jones & co playing songs from their much anticipated debute album.




























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Here’s a rarity!

Who says that graphic design was better in the days before computers?

This is a poster for a Help Yourself gig (a rare event in itself)… with an ‘unusual’ theme! As super-collector (and owner of said poster), John Bannon, says… “that’s students for you”.

DSC_0009a LR




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Micky’s 5th Annual Jam

The fifth annual gig in celebration of Micky Jones has just been announced… set for Saturday 12th December at The Garage in Uplands, Swansea. On the bill are The Green Ray, who will be performing in honour of Richard Treece. It sounds like another must-attend gig for all Helps and Man fans! Tickets are available from Derricks Music.





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Record Collector

The October issue of Record Collector has an eagerly-awaiting feature on Help Yourself. In the words of the magazine’s email newsletter, “Staying with the British underground, you’d better ‘Help Yourself’ because nobody else is gonna do it for you. Theirs is a wry and touching tale: heaps o’ talent, plenty o’ o’po’tunity, zer o’ success.” ~ Well we might take issue with the latter! Maybe not success in commercial terms, but certainly critically-acclaimed… and seemingly getting more attention now than when they band actually existed… a point Malcolm has mentioned more than once or twice! The article is extremely timely after Richard’s sad passing earlier this year, and also on the back of more sad news… we hear that Jonathan Glemser died on 12th August. Please get in touch if you have any further information on Jonathon…



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For Richard

Malcom will be playing at the upcoming gig at Walthamstow Cricket Club on 13th September to celebrate Richard Treece, who sadly passed away in May this year. Also appearing will be The Green Ray and Richard Booth, alongside special guests, Son of Man, who will be playing a short set before heading back down the M4 to Wales. This is the day after Son of Man’s appearance at The Trades Hall in Dagenham.

Make no mistake, the Dagenham gig is definitely where to catch Son of Man to hear their full set – and all concerned are extremely grateful to George and the band for popping along to Walthamstow the following day to lend their support for Richard’s event.

Anyone who is interested in attending the Richard Treece gig, please send us a message and we’ll make every effort to put you on the guest list (first come first served and we’ll let you know… promise!). Richard’s family and friends, plus of course former band members of Help Yourself, The Neutrons and Man etc take priority, but Richard would have wanted fans to also be present.

Despite the sad occasion, it should prove to be a memorable weekend in London for fans of Man and Help Yourself!


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Bevis Frond 25th Anniversary gig

Sunday 2nd August sees Malcom playing at the Bevis Frond’s 25th Anniversary Gig at The Lexington in London. Tickets are £12 (plus booking fee) available from Doors are at 7:30om and Malcolm is the first act on. Be great to see you there!




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Son of Man… in Dagenham!

A rare London gig for Son of Man coming up soon! Ticket details at the bottom of the poster.


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First gig of 2015!

Malcolm is back at The Betsey Trotwood in Clerkenwell on Saturday May 2nd. Support is by the talented Kakie Taylor-Black.


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Thanks to the latest WordPress updates (the software that powers this website), YouTube videos are now easy to upload and embed. Which sounds like the perfect excuse to dig up something from the dim and distant past and test it to see if it works! So here’s Bees Make Honey, filmed sometime in 1973 at the Nag’s Head, playing Caledonia ~ with Malcolm in fine form on piano.



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Man Exhibition at Swansea Museum

The Evolution of Man 1965-2014, Acid Rock from Wales | 23rd January – 22nd March 2015

In January, Swansea Museum will be hosting a unique exhibition of memorabilia covering Man and their offshoots. This is the first of its kind!

The exhibition showcases the collection of John Bannon, who has spent over 30 years amassing everything from stickers and badges through photos and t-shirts to posters, set lists and flyers. These trace Man’s story from the Langland Hotel in Swansea, where they recorded their first album ‘Revelation’ in 1969, to some of the world’s greatest rock stages.

The idea for the exhibition came from suggestions that the memorabilia used in Man fan Joan Duarte’s You Tube videos ~ a tribute to Micky Jones ~ should be put on display. Those suggestions are now a reality.

The exhibition previews on the 23rd January and will be open to the public on the 24th January to 21st March 2015. The timing of the exhibition is noteworthy in that it celebrates 50 years since the formation of the Bystanders. It also opens three weeks after Deke’s 70th birthday!

Entry to the preview is by invitation only but Man mailing list subscribers are being offered the opportunity to attend. To further tempt you, Son of Man (who will be joined by both Deke and Tweke) will be playing that evening at The Scene, a nearby club, immediately following the preview. Deke will also be signing books ~ including his latest, “Maximum Darkness, Man on the Road to Nowhere’.

For further information on attending the preview, please email:

Support at the Son of Man gig is from the excellent Troy Redfern. Ticket are £7.50 in advance / £10.00 on the door and available from The Scene or Derricks Swansea.























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For those that couldn't make it to the memorial gig for Richard Treece – and indeed, for those that wish to re-live what was a tremendous occasion – some soundfiles have been uploaded of the (fantastic) performances of Son of Man, The Jack Bentley Blues Band and The Green Ray.


"We have lost somebody who was the real deal. A man with the true Bardic gift. He was funny, with a savage wit which he practiced freely. He was great company and a fine musician too – even if he would not admit it. Deke supported and encouraged my early life in the music world, pressed the other lads to get me into Man, and stood in for me in the Help when I was sick with depression. Richard Treece's memorial gig in Walthamstow was the last time I saw the old devil and we talked about this and that... and cricket, which we both love. Deke's passing is a sad loss to the world at large – and heaven knows we need every spark we can get these days."

Malcolm Morley


Putting together this website has been a (wait for it, cliché is coming) 'learning curve' - but I think we're getting there slowly. Also being tackled are the various social media 'channels'. So far, there's a Malcolm Morley Facebook page and a fledgling Twitter account (@bewaretheshadow), to be followed soon by an Instagram account. More news on the latter to follow. And if all goes well, who knows, maybe even a YouTube channel. Steady! Please help support all this by following, friending etc. Thanks... Malc