With Sam Apple Pie

Sam Apple Pie (1969)
~ Malcolm play electric harpsicord on ‘Stranger’ and piano on ‘Annabelle’.

With Ernie Graham

Ernie Graham (1971)

With Help Yourself

Help Yourself (1971) ~ Liberty ((UK Cat No) LBS 83484)) ((US Cat No) LBS 5583)
Strange Affair (1972) ~ United Artists ((UK Cat No) UAS 29287) ((US Cat No) UAS 5591)
Beware of the Shadow (1972) ~ United Artists (UAS 29413)
Christmas at the Patti (with Man, Ducks Deluxe, Flying Aces and others) (1973) ~ United Artists (UDX 203/4): CD Re-release (1997) Point (PNTVP110CD): CD Re-master (2007) Esoteric (ECLEC 2018)
The Return of Ken Whaley (1973) ~ United Artists (UAS 29487)
Happy Days (with the Flying Aces and Spiv) (1973) ~ United Artists (UA Free 1) ‘free’ with the first 5,000 copies of The return of ken Whalley (UDG4001)
5 (eight unreleased Helps tracks from 1973 plus three recorded in 2002 & 2003)(2004) ~ Hux Records (HUX054)
The Amazing ZigZag Concert (2010) ~ Road Goes on Forever (RGF/ZZBOX1974)
~ CD 4 of this 5-CD release features 4 tracks from a live performance at the ZigZig gig.
Reaffirmation (2014) ~ (Esoteric ECLEC 22459)
~ 2-CD compilation of remastered studio releases plus the Christmas single and the set from Christmas at the Patti.

Running Down Deep / Paper Leaves (1971) ~ Liberty (LBF15459)
Heaven Row / Brown Lady (1972) ~ United Artists (UP 35355)
Mommy Won’t Be Home for Christmas / Johnny B. Goode (1972) ~ United Artists (UP 35466)

Strange Affair & Beware of the Shadow were re-released on one double LP (UA 29796/97 XB) in 1997 in Germany as part of the  ‘The Classic British Rock Scene’ series
Help Yourself & Beware of the Shadow were re-released on one CD (BGO CD 385) in 1998
Strange Affair, The Return of Ken Whaley & Happy Days were re-released on a double CD (BGO CD452) in 1999

With Man

Rhinos, Winos, and Lunatics (1975)
The expanded 2 x CD Esoteric set is highly recommended
The 1999 Party (1998)

With Wreckless Eric

The Wonderful World of Wreckless Eric (1978)
Big Smash! (1980)

With The Tyla Gang

Just Popped Out (1980)

With Ian Gomm

What a Blow (1980)
Come On (1997)

With Deke Leonard

Iceberg (1973)
Kamikaze (1974)
Before Your Very Eyes (1981)

With Kirsty MacColl

Desperate Character (1981)

With Donovan’s Brain

Tiny Crustacean Light Show (2000)
Great leap Forward (2003)
Convolutions of the Brain (2017)
Malcolm, Ken Whaley and Richard Treece all feature on this 49-song trawl through the Donovan’s Brain archives. The accompanying booklet includes a short essay from Malcolm – a tribute to Richard.

With The Flying Aces

Seashell (2002)


Aliens (2002)
Lost and Found (2002) (With Plummet Airlines)
Raw (2014) ~ 10-inch vinyl-only EP


For those that couldn't make it to the memorial gig for Richard Treece – and indeed, for those that wish to re-live what was a tremendous occasion – some soundfiles have been uploaded of the (fantastic) performances of Son of Man, The Jack Bentley Blues Band and The Green Ray.


"We have lost somebody who was the real deal. A man with the true Bardic gift. He was funny, with a savage wit which he practiced freely. He was great company and a fine musician too – even if he would not admit it. Deke supported and encouraged my early life in the music world, pressed the other lads to get me into Man, and stood in for me in the Help when I was sick with depression. Richard Treece's memorial gig in Walthamstow was the last time I saw the old devil and we talked about this and that... and cricket, which we both love. Deke's passing is a sad loss to the world at large – and heaven knows we need every spark we can get these days."

Malcolm Morley


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