After his stint in Man, and his aborted attempt at a solo career, for a brief period Malcolm became in-demand as a session player. He became musical advisor to the ever-eclectic Wreckless Eric, appearing on two of the Stiff Records star’s LPs ~ and although he chose not to joing Wreckless Eric’s touring band, he did agree to perform on the second Stiff ‘package’ tour.

The early 80s saw Malcolm in the studio with Kirsty McColl. He also appeared on albums by Deke Leonard and Ian Gomm.

Note from Malcolm: I’m currently helping to write this page… dredging back through my memory (wish I’d kept notes at the time dammit!). So there’s more to come ~ especially on the Stiffs tour, for which I actually have some great memorabilia!


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Malcolm has announced a special gig at the Half Moon in Putney on Sunday 16th February, 2020. This should be a fantastic night for all fans of Malcolm, Help Yourself, Man and associated bands. People are flying from all over for this one, so please don’t delay in getting tickets!


Putting together this website has certainly been a 'learning curve' ~ but I think we're getting there. Also, there's now a Malcolm Morley Facebook page and a fledgling Twitter account (@bewaretheshadow). And if all goes well, who knows, maybe even a YouTube channel.